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Android Application

Learn Arabic through Listening

Learn Arabic through Listening is an application for the beginners of Arabic language. Learning a language with image & hearing the pronunciation is the best way to memorise it quickly. We tried to make this application with lots of image with pronunciation. So beginners of Arabic language are most welcome.

Learn Arabic through Listening

Windows 8 Application

Amazing Sudoku

Amazing Sudoku is a kind of game which gives the Sudoku lovers the best taste of playing Sudoku. There are four different level as “Beginner”, “Moderate”, “Hard”, “Expert”. Beside these there are features like “reveal a number”, “Show a hint”, “Check” and “Solve”. This game has it all to grow interest to a person who is not a big fan of Sudoku.

Amazing Sudoku

Web Application

A web based system for small enterprises

Developed a web based system for enterprizes like school, company etc using XAMPP (Apache, MySQL), PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

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Search Engine: Provaat

Developed a search engine which can show data instantly when the user type in the search box. It is fast, easy to navigate from page to page and the feeling of getting instant result is truly amazing.

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