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Our aim is to support the beginners of different language like C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP etc . We arrange here some basic questions with solutions. Beside this we put some interesting code which will make more interesting for a beginner to learn a language. Subscribe to our website to get the recent post update directly to your email. Thank you.

Our Team

Md Moin Uddin
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MD Mosleh Uddin
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Md Mohiuddin
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18 thoughts on “Our Team

  1. Hi there

    I’m lovin your web site. Your code has come in very useful for my university assignment. You have provided code that not even my lecturers can provide.

    I have a question/request.

    Could you set up a tutorial for creating a members login, registration, account maintenance, logout using php.

    This would be really handy.

    many thanks

    1. Thank you for your nice comment. It inspires me a lot when I see good comments from the guest. Actually I have plan of making videos on login, register, log out and other staffs. Please keep in touch with us.

    2. I support this question on how to code: sign up, registration, logout and so on. Good bless for helping us as we re just learners. I appreciate this source code site.

  2. asalam o alikum, it is my first visit and I am impressed with your work. Especially I am feeling much proud that my muslim fellows are also helping in this field. God bless you and all of us. :)

    1. You will need to have an SSL Certificate on your server, this can be provided by your Hosting Service. HTTPs = Secure Sever. I would enquire with your hosting provider on this provision.



  3. Ur website i liked most but since 3-4 months there is no any latest updates because i every day i check ur website.i hope u will do to keep our fire burn

  4. Hi there, would you be able to amend the the Search Engine Script + Pagination to provide the following:

    I have sponosred results or Premium results and i would like these to always appear at the top when a search results is competed, providing they have keywords that have been search for, (Similiar to google search) They have the premium/paid lisintgs always at the top on the light orange color background. I dont know if it is something do with the SQL syntax. But im really struggling with this. My project is live, and i would like this to work as soon as possible. Any help you would be able to provide would be great.

    many thanks


  5. Your website just rocks …………..it was very helpful for me and my team ………………….thank u # cheers

  6. thanks for the good job you are doing .please sir help me i need a tutorial that tech how to make a fully function search engine that display images when searching like google

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