PHP Video Tutorial

PHP Video Tutorial

We have arranged here video tutorial on different interesting topic of PHP programming language. The topics of this playlist are :

# Search Engine with pagination
# Comment box
# Connecting database

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5 thoughts on “PHP Video Tutorial

  1. using your lesson how do you get the search results to populate under search button (in your index.php) instead of it populating the results in a separate page

  2. can you explain the part with if(!$button) if you put the exclamation mark before !$button that would make the condition false right so in essencce the part you didn’t submit a keyword” would never execute and the code would go to execute the else part right. can you explain what value is being read in $button = $_GET [‘submit’];

    $button = $_GET [‘submit’];
    $search = $_GET [‘search’];

    echo “you didn’t submit a keyword”;
    echo "Search term too short";
    echo "You searched for $search “;
    mysql_connect(“localhost”,”your mysql username”,”password”);
    mysql_select_db(“your database name”);

    $search_exploded = explode (” “, $search)

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