Generate file and save into new directory using PHP

In this lesson we will see how to generate file and save into new directory using PHP. So we will generate a HTML, PHP or any other type of file and save it into a newly created or existed directory.

Step 1: At first we have to select an existing directory or create a new directory by using mkdir() function.

$dir_path = "depth1/depth2/depth3";

mkdir($dir_path, 0777, true);

Here, $dir_path is the path to the expected directory/folder of your hard drive.
And ‘0777’ is the default permission of the folder/file (widest possible access).

So, the file will be located in this directory: current_directory/depth1/depth2/depth3

But if you want to create the folder outside the current directory, then use “../” for each level you want to go back for the new directory.

For example, if your current directory is “C:\xampp\htdocs\cd” and you want to create the new folder inside “xampp” folder then you have to write like the following-

$dir_path = "../../test";

mkdir($dir_path, 0777, true);

So, path for the new directory will be “C:\xampp\test”.

Step 2: After creating the directory simply put the generated file to the directory by using file_put_contents() function.

file_put_contents($dir_path."/file_name.html", $content);
file_put_contents($dir_path."/file_name.php", $content);
file_put_contents($dir_path."/file_name.txt", $content);

Here, file_name is the expected name of your file and $content is the the data that you want to save in the file.

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